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Win an electric Mountain Bike!


This competition is now closed. Learn how you can be in it to win a brand new electric mountain bike during August.

VJ Technology Business Announcement


Following a strong first half trading in 2021 and as we enter the second half of the year, Mark Tomlin, CEO of VJ Technology, has made the decision to become Executive Chairman of VJT.

We are proud to announce that VJ Technology is 30 years old!


Since the business formed in 1991 VJT has grown substantially every year and has now become one of the leading technical fixings suppliers in the UK.

V420+ v3: Approved for a working life of 100 years!


With approvals for anchoring and post-installed rebar in cracked and non-cracked concrete, V420+ v3 is now assessed for a working life of 100 years.

Are you looking to reduce waste and your carbon footprint?


Traffi has the solution with their LXT range - the world's first carbon neutral safety gloves. The TG1240 is a high performing 15gg Cut A glove with a high tenacity nylon liner and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, providing excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.

V420+ v3 – The Ultimate Performing Hybrid Injection Mortar


When it comes to providing customers with the very latest guidance on technical fixings, VJT are at the forefront of the industry. Our CFA Approved testers carry out product testing and ensure compliance with BS8539:2012 industry standards and regulations.

VJT Sponsor Customer Apprentice


At VJ Technology we work closely with our customers and build fantastic relationships. One of these customers is JAD Group, who we have worked closely with over the last year to provide fixings systems and power tools to a number of sites throughout Scotland.

VJT Awarded FORS Gold!


VJ Technology are proud to announce that we are FORS Gold Accredited. The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is an accreditation scheme, which aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations and to establish excellent levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

VJT at Battersea Power Station


At VJ Technology we are proud to be involved in a number of key infrastructure and major development projects, one of these being Battersea Power station.

Meet our new Trade Counter Operative


At VJ Technology our Trade Counter in Ashford offers a wide range of fixings, power tools and building consumables from a number of leading suppliers. Our experienced team are on hand to help customers select the perfect solution for their application.

Road Safety Week


Road Safety Week is the UK's biggest road safety event, coordinated annually by Brake, the road safety charity.  With the aim of inspiring schools and communities to take action and promote life-saving messages, the theme for 2020 is NO NEED TO SPEED.

Brexit – We Are Ready


With the UK's imminent departure from the EU, we have put measures in place to mitigate any potential complications and to ensure that trade with our key partners isn’t disrupted.

VJT: Your Approved Paslode Service Centre


We are excited to announce that we are now an Approved Service Centre for SPIT and Paslode tools.

XPE440 – The Ultimate Performing Epoxy Injection Mortar


VJT are at the forefront of the fixings and building consumables industry when it comes to providing customers with the very latest technical guidance, product testing and compliance to industry standards and regulations. VJT supply a number of premium branded products, which are designed and tested to meet these standards.

Our fantastic team at VJ Technology!


All our departments work together to ensure that we meet our stakeholder’s expectations and provide our customers with the very best service.

Working at height: Improving workplace safety


Between 2012 and 2017, falls from height made up 49% of fatal and 20% non-fatal injuries to construction workers in the UK, marking a clear requirement for enhanced safety procedures and education across the whole industry. Even in other industries such as food and drink, the HSE cite falling from height as a cause of 20% of fatal accidents, along with hundreds more serious injuries.

Better The Listening … International Women’s Day 2019


Written By Jenny Ellis, Marketing Manager VJ Technology
Today is International Women’s Day (IWD) and this year’s theme of ‘Better the balance, better the world’ is really exciting to me as it’s not only focusing on women and the challenges we face, it’s talking about a balanced world for everyone, which is how it should be.

Now’s the time to focus on the health part of health and safety


Health and safety has taken huge leaps forward over recent years. However, much of the focus has been on ‘safety’ rather than ‘health.’ This is, in part, down to the fact that safety is easier to define, whereas health is a much wider topic and more difficult to assess. However, there are some areas of occupational health that can be isolated and where simple procedures can make a significant difference, but we first need to understand what the risks are.

4 Tips for Better Safety Communication in Construction


Government data show that an estimated 2.3 million working days were lost in the Construction sector due to work-related illness and injury during 2016/17. Improving communication is a major factor in accident and illness prevention.

Mental Health – An Employer's Responsibility


Mental health is a huge issue in the UK construction industry. According to statistics, men who work on construction sites are six times more likely to die by suicide than from falling from a great height. Shockingly, on average, two workers kill themselves each working day. That is a terrible statistic and, whilst the industry has seen a huge increase in awareness of the issue of mental health and male suicide, the question is, is enough being done to help and improve the situation?

Spotting The Signs of HAVS: Symptoms you need to be aware of


Hand Arm Vibration is a medical condition caused by the prolonged over exposure to vibration, usually via hand held power tools or machinery. It’s commonly diagnosed as an illness, however, HAVS is actually a fully preventable condition.

What is HAVS? Taking a hold of Hand Arm Vibration


Around 2 million people in the UK alone are at risk of developing HAVS at some point in their life. Currently, there is no cure for the dibilatating condition. Instead, innovative technology and strict guidelines are being rigorously implemented across construction to try and protect everyone from the devastating effects it can cause.

Construction Trends to follow throughout 2020?


Throughout recent decades, technology has driven the path for major innovations in a vast range of industries. Netflix and Prime have reshaped TV streaming and Just Eat puts thousands of restaurants at everyone’s fingertips. No one knows where the next mainstream technological advancement will come from. But one industry seems to have fallen behind in the digital age, and was even named the least digitised sector in Europe – Construction.

Construction and the Productivity Puzzle


The construction industry has become renowned for being wildly inefficient. Technological advances that have been seamlessly adopted by other industries haven’t had the same effect on construction, leaving countless companies and projects struggling to meet demands. Although readily available, uptake on efficiency solutions throughout the industry seem to be nominal – but just how bad is the current state of productivity in construction?

Why Competence is key


By Mark Tomlin, Chief Executive of VJ Technology
The construction industry is at a turning point. The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower two years ago has resulted in a lot of difficult questions being asked and in many cases the answers were not what the industry was hoping for. The shortcomings of the industry have been laid bare and it is clear that a lot needs to change. However, with the construction industry being so complex, where do we start?

Better performance. Lower cost – true value engineering


By Mark Tomlin, Chief Executive Officer at VJ Technology
Value engineering is a phrase that has divided the industry. At a time when the sector is under close scrutiny around the quality of what we build, value engineering – which not so long ago referred to a supply chain working to deliver best value – has been thrown under the bus in some quarters and blamed as a catalyst for cost-cutting, poor quality and performance. But is this right? I for one do not think so.

3 Ways Automation Improves Construction Site Safety


Written by Chris Woodard, Co-Founder of Handle
Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, with work accidents occurring significantly more here than in any other. According to HSE, there were 58,000 work-related cases of injury in construction last year.

Health & safety at work – let’s talk about mental health


It’s a taboo subject that’s often pushed to the side, but why? Stigma surrounding mental health has contributed to silencing people who fear disclosure, which can obstruct their access to much-needed support.

Health In Construction: Learn the Shocking Truths


According to World Health Organisation (WHO) figures, an estimated 100 million people are forced into extreme poverty each year due to health-related expenditure. This year’s World Health Day is focused on raising awareness of the shortage of medical services faced by millions of people across the globe.

Why do we have a skills shortage when we have so many careers to offer?


There has been a lot written about the fact that the UK construction industry is facing a skills shortage that will result in limited construction activity and see an increase in labour costs. The shortage has recently hit its worst recorded level and it is expected to worsen over the coming years, with the recruitment of new talent failing to keep up with the rate of retirement. But as an industry offering so much diversity in terms of opportunity and career progression, why do we have a skills shortage and what do we need to do to change this?

HS2 – better connected or financial folly?


Written By Mark Tomlin, CEO VJ Technology
There has been a lot of talk about HS2 and about how, once completed, it will help to shrink the north-south divide and provide a much-needed transport spine across the country. However, if recent reports are to be believed government sources are claiming that there is talk of cancelling HS2 in its entirety, despite the fact that groundworks have started and considerable time and money have been invested in design, tendering and feasibility. So, what’s the reality – does the UK need a north-south high-speed rail link or is it just financial folly?

What is Hinkley Point C and how has its construction changed?


Like other nuclear construction projects, Hinkley Point C has seen a lot of controversy. However, despite initial challenges, construction went ahead and over the last 2 years it has seen considerable development take place.

Time to reward those very special specialists


Written By Mark Tomlin, CEO VJ Technology
The credit for the successful delivery of some of the UK’s most impressive projects is usually something aimed at the client, main contractor and design team. However, the reliance on a specialist contractor or contractors is on the rise, especially as projects become ever more complex. Further, as questions around the financial stability of numerous tier one contractors grow, are we seeing the start of a new movement of specialist contractors leading the delivery of our major projects?

Crossrail In Numbers


Written By Mark Tomlin, CEO VJ Technology
As we enter 2019, I think we have many reasons to be cheerful. To many, 2018 was a year of bad news. However, I think it is easy to overlook all the good and focus on the bad when it is so frequently making the headlines. The construction industry achieved a lot in 2018 and I for one think that 2019 has a lot to offer. The question is how to make the most of it?

VJ Technology Appoint New CFO


Hedley has enjoyed an illustrious career since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and entering the world of finance 32 years ago, so we are delighted to welcome him to the VJ Technology team.

Primary Capital Investment in VJT


The investment from Primary will provide an excellent opportunity for VJ Technology to further improve service, with enhancements expected in logistics operations. A key part of the business plan is for geographical expansion, with particular focus on the North West, Scotland and Ireland. A new Glasgow based depot is also being introduced in October 2018, giving VJ Technology the resources needed to provide an outstanding service to customers based anywhere in the UK.

PPE – Safety Glasses


Personal Protective equipment (PPE) is essential for anyone working in a hazardous situation; including on construction sites, where employers are obligated to provide employees with suitable PPE to offer protection.

What Are Cut Resistance Levels?


In safety gloves, Cut Resistance is the level of protection a pair of gloves offers the user against being cut from blades, machinery or sharp materials. Cut resistance is measured by the standard EN 388 on a 1 – 5 scale, 5 being the most resistant.

The different types of Grinding Discs


When picking a grinding wheel, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you make your purchase.

The Ins & Outs of Hearing Protection


According to HSE, roughly 17,000 people in the UK suffer from deafness, tinnitus or other ear conditions caused by excessive noise in the workplace.

How to Choose the Correct Tool Lanyard


Well-chosen tool lanyards make tasks that include working at height safer and more efficient, which is why it is imperative to select a lanyard that suits the worker, tool and tasks involved.

Hi Vis Standards Explained


When conditions begin to affect how well other workers can be seen on site, high visibility work wear is essential to keeping everyone safe, especially during winter months, when daylight working hours are at a minimum, it is vital to keep your employees fully prepared.

Caring for PPE: When to Reuse or Re-Buy


What is PPE?
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is equipment employers are legally obliged to supply to every member of staff, if they need to enter a potentially dangerous workspace as part of their job. This can range from hi-visibility clothing or safety boots, to protective gloves or hard hats.

How to: Install a Chemical Resin Anchor


What is a Chemical Resin Anchor?
In some situations, using a traditional expanding plug, screw or anchor fixing in a breakable substance (concrete, brick or cement) can cause splitting or cracking. This is often the case towards the edge of the material and would therefore affect the strength, efficiency and ascetics of the substrate.

HDG, BZP and A2/A4 Stainless – What’s the difference?


You’ll find there are three common fixing finishes on the market. Those are:

  1. BZP - Bright Zinc Plated
  2. HDG - Hot Dip Galvanised
  3. Stainless Steel (A2 and A4)

As you’re probably thinking, each surface finish has its benefits and best use installations so in our article below we break each down and explain the main differentiators between them and you’ll come away understanding exactly which one you need.

Remember, we at VJ Technology have been anchoring ourselves and the No.1 impartial supply-chain partner to the construction and infrastructure sector for over 30 years, so our technical and sales team come with a wealth of knowledge to help you every step of the way with your construction project. View our catalogue online or get in touch with our sales team on 01233 652 550. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about any of the information below.

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