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VJ Technology is on a journey to become more than just a carbon-neutral company, and we believe a journey of this magnitude is best taken with others involved too. Through collaborative practices with our suppliers and customers, to colleague education programmes working with environmental charities and planet-first organisations, our mission stretches much wider than the four walls of our building, supporting livelihoods and ecosystems around the world during the road to net-zero.

This collaborative mindset in our DNA will help us achieve an even more significant impact by engaging with others in our environmental work. We will learn from feedback and are committed to working with others in our network to influence widespread change across all of our business activities. Being transparent about the challenges we face and milestones we achieve we hope to inspire others to take action too.

Our Focus

Our People

  • Making sure every single one of our people feels equally involved in our environmental roadmap.
  • Focus sessions with all departments to listen for feedback and encourage new ideas pertinent to their role within the business.
  • Education days with local conservationists and charities to always improve our awareness.

Our Environment

  • To create new, restore and protect endangered habitats around the globe and our local area.

Our Industry

  • There's no denying it, the construction sector is heavily dependent on resources and supplies that use incredible amounts of energy whilst emitting high levels of greenhouse gases.
  • Innovation is paramount. To truly make a tangible impact in this industry we must think beyond our current procedures for new solutions that put the planet first.

Our Network

  • With a large supplier and customer network from across the U.K, Europe and the wider globe, we're actively seeking to collaborate on both sides for more sustainable product and procurement solutions, that will have a positive environmental impact right through the supply chain.

Our progress so far:

Hybrid and Fully Electric Vehicles

All new company cars for our on-the-road employees are now fully electric or hybrid and can be charged through our new EV charging points at our Ashford Head Office. Where feasible, we also run fully electric vehicles to complete deliveries. 

Sustainable printing, with PaperCut

A silent print-management software that works in the background to monitor print usage both at department and individual levels to spot trends and prevent wasteful printing. PaperCut actively encourages users to print double-sided, in black and white and provides detailed reports on our usage and its impact on the environment. So whilst paperless is the dream, the reality is PaperCut has tried and tested ways to make our printing habits more cost-effective, efficient and sustainable, and it's an integral part on our journey.

Turning the tide on ocean plastic, with Ocean Bottle

A small bottle, with a big impact. We've partnered with Ocean Bottle to turn the tide on ocean-bound plastic in the world's most affected areas. Learn more about the VJT x OB Partnership here.

Efficient route-planning, with Elogi Transport Management System

With real-time traffic monitoring and intelligent route-planning, TMS works in the background to maximise the loads on our vehicles and plan only the most efficient routes for our fleet of vehicles that help reduce miles, CO2 and time.

Monthly Carbon Calculations from Supply Chain Sustainability School

After recently receiving our silver status from the Supply Chain Sustainability School we now work closely with their carbon calculator software to log monthly outputs and measure performance as we work towards gold status.

Transitioning to LED Lighting

All offices and warehouses have now transitioned to LED lighting panels and bulbs. LED lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and emit less heat. They use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs whilst lasting up to 40 times longer.

It doesn't stop there. What's next?

Less product waste, with our new Stock Profiler

By using machine learning through our purchasing habits our new stock profiler will make sure we strike the perfect balance of enough stock on our shelves for prompt supply whilst preventing over-stocks or having too much of items with expiry dates.

VJ iStore - The Future of Sustainable Construction Procurement

A strategic solution to sustainable, on-demand procurement. Using bespoke modular containers with intelligent stock control, security and a click-and-collect ordering system, fast-paced sites can request for iStore containers on a number of flexible contracts that can help drastically improve project efficiency whilst reducing harmful delivery emissions.

Carbon Balanced Paper

All offices and our printed marketing communications such as catalogues and product datasheets will move to 100% carbon balanced paper, in collaboration with the World Land Trust. A charity endorsed by Sir David Attenborough, Steve Backshall, David Gower & Chris Packham.

Sustainable Product Range

Continual market research to find and work closely with suppliers who are manufacturing sustainable products. This product range will then be offered to our customers during tenders to promote and educate sustainable alternatives.

Customer Carbon Reporting

By the end of 2024, we are aiming to be able to report to our customers the carbon impact of their ordering pattern and provide ways in which they can alter their behaviour to reduce their impact.

Do you have an idea, or wish to speak with one of our champions?

Whether you are a customer, supplier, employee or business around the globe we've never met before; if you have an idea or wish to speak with our sustainability team, we'd love to hear from you. Please send an email to [email protected] and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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