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VJT Technical Services

Safe Use, HAVS, Noise, Dust and Product Testing

The VJ Technology Technical Department can help with product specification, anchor performance calculations, on-and off-site anchor proof testing, ultimate load testing and toolbox talks.

VJ Technology is equipped with a purpose-built in-house Test Laboratory which can assess the performance of virtually any fixing, power tool and consumable used in the construction industry.

VJ Technology can also help with the assessment and management of vibration exposure (HAVS), noise, silica dust (RCS) and other hazards affecting fixing installers and power tool users. The VJT Hand-Arm Vibration Exposure Guide can be downloaded here.

The VJT Technical Department works in partnership with suppliers, major contractors, trade associations and the HSE Research Laboratories (HSL) to improve the performance and safe use of fixings, power tools and consumables.

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