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Technical Support

VJ Technology, as an Associate Member of the Construction Fixings Association, actively promotes best practice when specifying and using construction fixings. CFA Approved guidance documents are available. If you need more specific guidance please contact the VJ Technology Technical Department on 01233 652520.


A Code of Practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry.

What is it and what does it cover?

BS8539 is a British Standard that provides recommendations for the safe selection and installation of anchors for use in concrete and masonry. BS8539 is restricted to the use of anchors inserted into concrete and masonry drilled holes.

The purpose is to provide guidance for specifiers, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, installers and testers of anchors to achieve the required security.

Who does it affect?

Specifiers, distributors, contractors, installers, testers and everyone else involved in the use of construction fixings.   Roles and responsibilities are set out in the new British Standard.

If you change a specification to another anchor without following the full selection process you could be held accountable for any accident as a result of this.  As specialists in BS8539, VJ Technology are here to guide you through the process. For more information contact our technical department on 01233 652520.

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