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Resin Mixer Nozzles and Extensions

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Mixer nozzle for resin injection mortars 

For approval compliant installation of resin injection systems, it is guaranteed through the use of correct matched system components such as the mixer nozzles. In the case of anchoring systems with injection mortar, the two components are mixed and activated during extrusion by the mixing spiral in the mixer nozzle. The mixer nozzle guarantees a consistent mixing of the mortar components and thus enables the safety-relevant application of the resin injection mortar. The mixer nozzle closes after the cartridge has been used. A new mixer nozzle is screwed on before reuse.

Please note: Injection mortars rely on the sensitive mixer nozzle to ensure correct ratio of its formulation, when ordering spare mixer nozzles note the resin injection mortar as each type require different mixer nozzles and must match the injection mortar used.

For deeper drilled holes, extension nozzles are required to make sure the extruded resin mortar starts to fill from the bottom of the hole. 

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