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Resin Capsule Rawl R-HAC-V Hammer-In

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Features and benefits

  • Approved for use with rebar in non-cracked concrete (ETAG001 Option 7)
  • Approved for use with threaded rods in non-cracked concrete (ETAG001 Option 7)
  • High performance anchor, for use in safety critical applications
  • The system relies on the adhesion between concrete and resin, which is free from expansion forces. This makes it an ideal choice where close edge and spacing distances are required
  • Capsule contains precise amounts of ingredients making it a very consistent product
  • Adhesive bond strength is not affected by unpolluted water
  • Suitable for dry or wet non-cracked concrete
  • Ideal for starter bar applications
  • Low cost tooling required for installation, quick and easy to install
  • Styrene free - virtually odourless


  • Reinforcement bars
  • Threaded rods
  • Cable trays
  • Heavy machinery
  • Fencing & gates manufacturing and installation
  • Formwork support systems
  • Balustrading & handrails
  • Cladding restraints
  • Curtain walling
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