PPE – Safety Glasses

09 May 2018
Personal Protective equipment (PPE) is essential for anyone working in a hazardous situation; including on construction sites, where employers are obligated to provide employees with suitable PPE to offer protection.

Many injuries can be prevented by wearing the correct eye equipment, particularly when working with glass, debris, chemicals or mechanical parts such as power tools. To help you pick the best protective eye wear for your job, we look at a few factors you should consider when buying.


The majority of safety glasses often come with instructions on how to maintain them properly, but a general rule of thumb is to clean after every use. Remove loose dirt and debris from the lenses, rinse them with detergent, or use lens cleaning wipes.

Any damaged pairs of safety glasses can be mended using official manufacturer parts only, in order to ensure the correct safety rating. However, scratched or broken lenses cannot be mended, and should be replaced.

Safety goggles have quite a long shelf life when compared with other PPE equipment, so proper maintenance will make sure you get maximum shelf life.


Safety glasses should always be stored in their cases, or a clean, dry place to avoid scratching or falling. Some workplaces provide specific areas for storage of PPE, but if this is not available, the manufacturer’s case will provide the best protection.

Replacement Rate

Safety Glasses have one of the longest lives of any PPE, however, despite their condition, all glasses should be replaced every 3 years. If properly maintained, glasses should have no issues reaching the 3 year limit, but excessive wear and tear can become a problem and mean the safety glasses will no longer provide sufficient protection.