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HPE 385 Epoxy Resin Cartridge

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Pack Size 12

HPE is a high performance epoxy injection mortar with approvals for anchoring and rebar connections. This product is used in conjunction with a hand, battery or pneumatic tool and static mixer nozzle. HPE consists of 2 components, resin and hardener, which are stored in separate compartments. These are mixed when extruded through the mixer nozzle and allow the mortar to set. Cartridges may be reused up to end of shelf life by replacing the static mixer nozzle or resealing the cap.


HPE is suitable for anchoring of façades, roofs, timber construction, metal profiles, columns, beams, consoles, railings, sanitary devices, cable trays, piping, post-installed rebar connections and more.  Especially suitable for applications with deeper embedment depths due to high flow properties. 

Key Benefits 

•  ETA for cracked and non-cracked concrete, C20/25 to C50/60 

•  ETA for post installed rebar connections 

•  Approved for seismic performance categories C1 (threaded rods and rebar) and C2 (threaded rods)

•  Suitable for dry and wet concrete including flooded holes (not sea water) 

•  Suitable for overhead application 

•  Fire rating resistance ~ F120 

•  NSF approval for potable water 

•  High chemical resistance once cured - suitable for swimming pool (chlorine) and sea (salt) water environments 

•  Low shrinkage 

•  Small allowable edge distance and anchor spacing 

•  Design check can be performed using free VJT DesignFiX software - alternatively contact [email protected] to model applications


HPE epoxy injection mortar is used in conjunction with the following: 

•  Threaded rods eg. VJT Chemical Anchor Studs (zinc, HDG,  A2,  A4, HCR) 

•  Rebar - designed with either anchor theory (ETAG 001) or post-installed rebar theory (EN1992-1)


HPE spare mixer nozzles - 06100075

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