Hand Arm Vibration Advice

Hand Arm Vibration Advice

The VJ Technology Hand Arm Vibration Exposure Guide has been developed with input from major contractors, trade associations and the Health and Safety Executive to provide safety managers with a practical and useful range of examples of ‘real use’ vibration exposures for VJ Technology products.

The guide contains example vibration exposures for hundreds of individual tasks carried out with over 80 different power tools. Each example was requested by one of our customers to inform their risk assessment process and the Guide is regularly updated as more machines are measured and the state of knowledge on the risks from vibration for different types of machine improves.

Every effort is made to provide realistic and relevant information. Each measurement is taken with reference to ISO 5349 using our eight-channel ruggedized measurement system, typically using several repeated measurements with three different machine operators.

The guide shows the vibration exposure measured for each machine, consumable and task is in terms of Trigger Times, HSE Points and Productivity using an easy to understand traffic light system. The Guide also contains general information on the risks from hand-arm vibration, some practical actions that can be taken to reduce the risk, and, for HSEQ Managers, details of the specific test methods, machine settings, calculations and materials used.

If you are using VJ Technology products for an application that is not covered by the Guide please contact VJT on 01233 652520. The VJT Technical Team includes internationally recognised experts on the assessment and control of vibration exposure. We will be able to offer advice and take the necessary measurements at your site or at our Laboratory.