Our fantastic team at VJ Technology!

01 September 2020
All our departments work together to ensure that we meet our stakeholder’s expectations and provide our customers with the very best service. 

Our fantastic team at VJ Technology

To provide an insight into a typical day in our key departments we firstly talked to Steve Line, Technical Manager:

What do you enjoy the most about your role Steve?

I am passionate about providing our customers with fastening guidance to ensure safe practise and compliance within current regulations for example BS8539:2018 and EN1992 – 4:2018.  There is always something new to learn, whether that be research into new products and solutions, training, testing or producing CPD presentations.  Building and maintaining relationships with existing and new customers helps them to feel confident in using VJT as their full solutions provider.

What does a typical day entail for you and the technical team?

Supporting customers with product recommendations to meet their specifications and technical advice to comply with current standards is a key part of our day, our customers may have queries or concerns which could delay their projects and we can eliminate this delay for them.  We also frequently provide anchor software calculations using a new “state of the art” fastening design standard.   We spend time out on site meeting our customers, whilst providing toolbox training, installation advice as well as compliant CFA pull-out testing for rebar and anchors.

VJT Fleet Vehicle

After finding out what our fantastic Technical Manager enjoys about his role, we talked to Aarron Buss, Transport Manager at VJT:

What does a normal day involve for you and your team Aarron?

Every day in the transport department is a busy one!  We handle over 22,0000 outbound packages each year and as Transport Manager I am responsible for planning, executing, and optimising the transportation of those orders throughout the UK. We have increased our number of qualified drivers from 4 to 19 across 4 depots plus an HGV.  Our service includes timed deliveries, FORS accreditation, accurate ETA’s and site compliant vehicles.  I continue to look for ways to add further value to the service we offer our customers and my current focus is building on our already robust technology to stay at the forefront of construction supply.

Is there a part of your role that you most enjoy?

The hard work really pays off! We are the final part in the supply chain and my team and I have a direct link with our customers.  Our priority is to ensure all customers receive their order on time, every time and working closely with every department at VJT enables the process to run smoothly.  Logistics is constantly changing and evolving, and it is exciting to be part of such a fast-paced environment.

Warehouse Manager at VJT

Jon Gissing, Warehouse Manager told us about a day in the warehouse department:

What does a standard day look like in the warehouse department Jon?

Every day from start to finish the teams’ priority is to ensure the ‘goods in and out’ process runs smoothly so our customers receive the correct orders on time.  We have 29 employees in the warehouse department, and we receive up to 300 items every day, from screws to fridge freezers!  Whilst these items are being delivered to us, we are also packing up to 600 orders a day to send out to our customers.  At VJT we have a sophisticated warehouse management system which enables us to use handheld devices to provide, amongst other benefits, the most efficient route through the warehouse when preparing orders ready for the transport team to deliver.  

What do you enjoy the most about coming to work?

I have an amazing team with a phenomenal ‘can do’ attitude!  We work closely with other departments including internal sales and the transport team and between us all we create a smooth process resulting in a first-class service for our customers.  We prepare orders for small and large customers for projects including hospitals, schools, power stations and transport schemes, each day is different, and I enjoy the challenges and rewards this brings.

Head of Internal Sales at VJT

Nick Smyth, Head of Internal Sales:

What does a normal day involve for you and your team Nick?

We start each morning with our ‘daily buzz’ call, where we discuss the successes and challenges from the previous day and establish our goals for the day ahead.  These calls are also a great opportunity to celebrate individual and team achievements.  We receive large numbers of calls from our customers throughout the day and we aim to answer all these calls and provide our customers with the information and advice they need to place their order.  The internal sales team work closely with other departments including the technical, external sales and transport teams to ensure the process from initial enquiry through to delivery is as efficient as possible.  Each member of the team is partnered with an external Technical Sales Manager so that customers have key contacts for all their enquiries and when placing an order.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I have a fantastic team; the environment is fast paced, and all the team are dedicated to the brand and passionate in providing customers with exactly what they need, from pricing to technical advice and product information.  We have weekly training and coaching sessions as well as regular one to one meetings to enable the team to stay at the forefront of new product launches and innovations.  As head of the department I am continually looking at ways to provide our customers with an unbeatable service.