Introducing DrillTech

The term self-drilling screw covers a wide variety of products which all have their own specification and applications, depending on the job requirement. Known for their ability to drill through material without the need for a pre-drilled hole, the screw itself has a drill bit end allowing for application into wood and metal.

Each DrillTech screw comes with a self-tapping thread allowing for it to create a thread as it is being fitted. This combination provides a fast and efficient means of connecting two materials. There is no need for a pilot drill as this aspect of the process is performed during the installation of the screw.  Available in a variety of finishes and sizes.

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Head Types

Hex Head

  • Increased stability during installation
  • Self-drilling through Metal
  • Heavy Duty Applications

Application: Fixing metal sheeting and cladding to steel purlins and sections. 

Flat Head

  • Fixings substrates to metal
  • Flush finish

Application: Fixing timber battens, sheathing boards and insulation to steel substructure.

Low Profile Head

  • Large clamping area
  • Limited screw head protrusion

Application: Metal framing where low profile self drilling fastener is required.

Installation Tips

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