Anchor Software Design - DesignFiX

DesignFiX is the Chemical Anchor and Post installed rebar Calculation Software for the range of Injection Resins from V.J Technology. DesignFiX enables calculations to be made in accordance with European Technical Approvals and provides a list of suitable products, from which you can choose the most appropriate for your application. Please note, this software download is for Windows PCs only.


The opening screen allows you to select between anchor design and post installed rebar.


As you enter information, live calculations change accordingly next to each product. Embedments depths are easily adjusted via a drop down menu whilst a series of tabs along the the top allow you to quickly make the  amendments to geometry, properties and loads required.


The graphic Input tab shows an image of your fixing application. You can adjust load directions and numeric factors on this page, and the image can be rotated, which may provide a better view of the application.

To download DesignFix, complete the form below and run the setup program, which you will receive via email: