£170m Construction of State of the Art Hospital – PFI Scheme

VJ Technology were tasked with re-designing and value engineering the original brackets being used to secure the composite panels to concrete slabs. Using a sophisticated software design package the number of anchors required on site was reduced by half, due to the decision to use a high performance FZA undercut anchor instead.

The 50% reduction in anchors and the consequent reduction in material costs and drilling improved both efficiency and the health & safety of the operatives as they were less exposed to Hand Arm vibration and drilling dust when using the power tools to drill into the concrete.

In certain circumstances, there was an unavoidable requirement for anchors at very close edge distances, increasing the risk of the concrete splitting and failing. The VJT technical  team overcame the problem using an innovative FHB resin anchor that combined the fixing with high performance and ‘stress free’ technology.

Due to the speciality of the anchors used, regular site inspections were carried out to ensure the correct use and installation of the anchors – this also brought a 200% increase in productivity.