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Dust and Vibration Control with a difference

When asked to demonstrate power drills with low vibration at Glan Clwyd Hospital in North Wales, VJT naturally turned to the Makita range with AVT (Advanced Vibration Technology). However, when the Technical Team arrived on site it became apparent that the actual requirement was for a drill that offered little vibration to the structure of the building itself.

As this was the refurbishment of a working hospital the primary need was for a drilling and fixing system that would not disturb dust in adjacent rooms and wards, but at the same time, offer quiet and efficient overhead drilling.

VJT tried many power tool/drill bit combinations in their test centre to produce a short list of suitable products. The Makita light rotary hammer and percussion drill combined with 6mm Heller Trijet SDS and QuickBit Turbostone drill bits proved to be the best combinations.

When tested on site, both systems met the requirements of the client in various drill and fix situations. The contractors then had a solution to the drilling problem, and a solution to the fixing problem with the TDN ceiling fixing and the VJT M8/M10 threaded rod hanger.

The installation team were very impressed by the performance of the drills and the fixings. Adding comments that the tools were “light and easy to use” and that the fixings were a “doddle to install”.