Hindhead A3 Tunnel

£370m Twin Bore Road Tunnel

VJ Technology supplied Anchors to the Civil Engineering team for the construction of a new road tunnel. Initially, these anchors were used as temporary fixings for ventilation and electrical services to support the TBM during early construction, but throughout the project, VJT helped solve specific problems.

A specialist system involving a shear pin was developed to fix and support a secondary concrete lining. This value engineered system stopped the requirement for resin anchors and allowed the back filled mortar to be injected/poured immediately, increasing productivity by 600%.

VJT also identified and tested a suitable anchor for fixing the ‘shotcrete’ containment. A special undercut anchor that has a recognised approval for cracked concrete and fire resistance was chosen and showed no displacement at the required proof loads, making the installation 4 times faster when compared to the original system.

All FHB-DYN  anchors used were tested for suitability and workmanship using bespoke equipment designed from the VJT laboratory and provided with full material certification.