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Cutting remarks!

Following an incident with an angle grinder and abrasive wheels Sellafield Sites precluded the use of such high risk tools on the Nuclear Establishment. This lead to financial and project completion pressures on the sub contractors and in particular the M&E contractors.

However, there was still a need for various cutting applications on site…so Derek Thompson, VJT Technical Salesman, was consulted. Initially the site suggested reciprocating saws, but it was demonstrated that these tools did not have sufficient control for those jobs requiring accurate cutting. So, working closely with Makita Power Tools, Derek selected and demonstrated a ‘spark free’ cutting solution with the Makita Makstar Lithium-Ion BPB180 LXT Portable Band Saw.

With a capacity to cut a 120mm diameter pipe and the safety and portability of Lithium ion battery power technology a spokesman for the contractor said “this Makita tool toll ticks all theboxes…spark free cutting operation, no hot permit, no burrs, accurate control and a dead stop trigger for safety…”


Apollo Cradles

High performance, the ability to work at close axial spacing and the European Technical Approval (ETA) for cracked concrete were the key factors for the ultimate selection of the Liebig Anchor, by Derek Thompson, VJT Technical Salesman, to support the cradle systems at Sellafield.

A high density of rebar and relatively small concrete cover, coupled with pre-determined anchor spacing due to the base plate posed a few fixing problems! So a high performance anchor capable of working at close axial spacing within the confines of the concrete was required.

In conjunction with VJT’s Technical Team and the Technical Department at Simpson Strong-Tie / Liebig, the Liebig Anchor was selected. As a through fixing with the ability to be de-mounted, once the contract has been completed, it proved to be the ideal anchor bolt.

Derek suggested these anchors for the application as he had full confidence in the product from past experience.

Tests by V J Technology and Lloyds proved the performance of the anchors and they are now being used by Apollo not just at Sellafield but nationwide with the full technical support of VJT.