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Hindhead A3 Road Tunnel

£370m Twin Bore Road Tunnel

  • Anchors were supplied to the Civils Team for the construction of the new road tunnel: initially these were temporary fixings for ventilation and electrical services to support the TBM and early construction, but later specific fixing problems were solved…

  • A specialist system involving a shear pin was developed to fix and support a secondary concrete lining. This value engineered system precluded the requirement for resin anchors and allowed the backfilled mortar to be injected/ poured immediately. The VJT system improved productivity 6 fold.

  • VJT identified and tested a suitable anchor for fixing the ‘shotcrete’ containment. The special undercut anchor has an approval for cracked concrete and fire resistance, and displayed no displacement at the required proof loads.

  •  Installation was 4 times faster when compared to the system originally specified.

  • Site Testing: all anchors were tested for suitability and workmanship using specially designed equipment from the VJT laboratory.


  • For durability and performance the FHB-DYN anchors were supplied in stainless steel (High Corrosion Resistant 1.4529) and full material certification was provided.