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About Us

VJ Technology distributes and manufacture fixings systems, fasteners, tools and associated products to the construction and civil engineering industries. Our customers include many of the best known names in the country, among them main contractors and specialist subcontractors.

Our product range is comprehensive and vast; with particular expertise in heavy anchors and chemical injection resins for technically challenging applications. 

  • Large product range
  • Full technical support
  • HAVS and RCS Test Laboratory
  • Training: PAT and Abrasive Wheels
  • iCalc Chemical Anchor Software
  • E-trading
  • Research and Development
  • Site testing of anchors and rebar

Customer Service

Our aim, and business success, is the delivery of a truly outstanding service. The work ethic within VJT and the commitment to every customer from every member of the team is unmatched in the industry. This has reinforced our status as one of the major forces in fixings and fastenings in the country.

People and Partnerships

Our business is customer facing. Everything we do is measured by what benefit it brings and nowhere is this truer than in VJT people. We deliver impartialadvice that is always in the best interests of our customers. VJT believe that the most rewarding relationships are founded on mutual trust and respect and that short term gains are not the answer. Many of our very early customers are still customers 20 years on, the best endorsement of our partnership approach. 


VJT stocks an enormous range of fixings, fastenings, and construction consumables (probably the broadest range in the industry) giving customers a true ‘one stop shop’. We know that when a product is needed it’s generally needed fast… so we deliver the goods! Our range is constantly evolving as new technologies and products come on stream. Products are sourced from a mix of leading global manufacturers and smaller, specialist companies which often make unique items exclusively for us. From high performance resins, undercut anchors and screwbolts to essential commodities like screws and nails, you can rely on VJT to deliver, from stock, the next day.